Neoreglia Avalon with Tillandsia Cyanea in bloom

Neo Avalon with Aechmea Recurvata and Crypthantus

Bromeliads are drought-resistant and can be kept as house plants or be planted in your garden.  They are very easy to care for.   Arranged together with tillandsias, as shown here in these  pictures, they make beautiful center pieces for any occasion.  

Plant Care:

Bromeliads do well with filtered sun light. Outside, I have them usually under a tree.  
They need to have always water in the center of their leaves (the cup, where the flower is)

but the soil should be watered only when really dry.  
Do not over-water - neglect is fine...

​Tillandsias also do very well with bright, indirect sunlight. They need frequent misting
(unless humidity is high) and do better with a weekly 15 minute soaking in a sink or bucket of water.  Let fully dry before putting them back into a vase or holder.

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